Event: Milton Vigil for Centre Culturel Islamique

Who: Sameera Ali,  Local & Regional Councillor Mike Cluett, Ward 8 Councillor Zeeshan Hamid

What: Milton Vigil for the Centre Culturel Islamique (Islamic Cultural Centre)

When: Saturday Feburary 4, 2017 6-7pm.  The event begins exactly at 6pm with brief statements from a multi-faith panel

Where: Victoria Park (100 Mary St)

Why organize this event?  Sameera Ali is the lead organizer on this event. “I decided to organize this because I want the world to see that real Canadians care for each other and stand behind each other. I want the world to know that with love Canada will defeat hate.”

How do I get more information? Email:  Sameera Ali (sameera@sameeraali.com), Mike Cluett (mike@mikecluett.ca) or Zeeshan Hamid  (zee.hamid@milton.ca)