Mohamad Fakih Covering Funeral, Mosque Repair Costs

Paramount Fine Foods, has reached out to Islamic Relief Canada and confirmed  they would like to support the community in Quebec by  covering the costs of reconstruction at the mosque as well as the costs of the funeral rights for those killed in Sunday’s night shooting.   “I wanted to help and I am committed to making sure the funding for the reconstruction of the mosque is taken care of as well as the funeral costs for those killed,” CEO Mohamad Fakih said.

Fakih told CP24 it was about family.  “We want to step in as a family, as a business, my franchisees, everyone. We were talking on the phone yesterday and the idea was to help these families with the funeral costs and possibly the mosque, with any repairs that are needed. That’s what Islam taught me and that’s what Canada taught me,” he said.

He got in touch with the mosque through Islamic Relief and made the offer to the mosque.  “We’re thankful to them that they accepted us to be part of this problem and hopefully part of the solution most importantly,”  he added in his interview.

Islamic Relief Canada will be administering the funds donated by Fakih. They have started a Launch Good campaign which has so far raised $135,000.