Fire disrupts Milton Transit

The Milton Fire Department responded to an early morning fire at the PW Transit garage that houses Milton Transit buses on Morobel Drive in Milton on Saturday, April 29; there were no injuries reported.

The fire was suppressed quickly and isolated to one bus and area within the facility. There was significant water and smoke damage that is being addressed before the facility can restore normal operations. A remediation team has commenced clean-up operations and will continue over the next several days.

Thanks to the quick actions of the Milton Fire Department, Milton Transit, PW Transit (the Town of Milton’s transit service operator) and Town of Milton staff, service disruptions were minimized for passengers. Conventional service was impacted for approximately 90 minutes in the morning. Initially, there were service delays for routes 6/7 and 3/4, and cancellations for all other routes. Full conventional service was restored by 9 a.m.

Due to hydro interruptions, the customer service line remained out of service for most of the weekend. Specialized transit passengers experienced some delays in service; new bookings could not be accepted due to the phone lines being down. Milton Transit passengers were kept up-to-date via social media and the website by the Town’s communications team as well as front line operators.

All buses were cleaned thoroughly, and additional supports were leveraged from PW Transit business units to maintain bus safety standards and minimize service disruptions for customers.
The Town’s I.T. team created a temporary connection to the administrative area to re-establish full call centre functions for PW Transit staff for Monday morning. Inquiries and reservation requests are being prioritized related to Milton access+ (specialized) services for customers with disabilities.

The Milton Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire.