HDSB Hears from Parents on Milton Elementary School Boundaries

By: Laura Steiner

“We all know Milton has overcrowded schools,” Halton District School Board (HDSB) Superintendent of Education Gord Truffen told a crowd of parents attending a boundary review meeting on January 17, 2017 .  The meeting is one of the final steps in an ongoing process to decide on the boundaries for the newly renovated Martin St. Public School, slated to open this September.  The review could touch on as many as 18 different schools.

The process began last November when a Boundary Review Committee (BRC) was organized.  It was comprised of two parent volunteers from each school who have been meeting on a monthly basis.  They began working on 17 different scenarios, and by January 17, had narrow it down to four to present to the parents.   The BRC considered a variety of factors including student experience, program viability, as well overcrowding.

“There’s overcrowding in a lot of the schools right now because of growth,” Gillian Thomson explained.  Thomson is a committee member, and has children at J.M. Denyes.  Milton’s population is over 100,000 and expected to grow to 230,000 by 2031.  The town is also getting younger. There is a lot of concern around the status of Sam Sherratt, where they have approximately 10 portables.  They take in students from J.M. Denyes, E.W. Foster, and an area known as the Sherratt Triangle in the James Snow Parkway/ Cedar Hedge Road area.  Board projections have Sherratt over capacity in one scenario until 2026.

The board has selected future school sites, but await provincial approval and funding before construction begins. “In fairness they are giving us new schools.  Pretty much every single year we’re building, or rebuilding a school,” said Donna Danielli, Trustee for wards 2,3,4 & 5.  Craig Keilburger Secondary School (CKSS), and Holy Rosary Catholic School are both getting additions.  There are also future plans for an additional elementary school, and high school.  Some forecasts indicate Milton needs one school/ year in order to keep up with growth.

Visit HDSB’s website for more information on the four scenarios, as well as the BRC’s work so far.  They are accepting feedback forms through the website until January 23, at 12pm or by email: plan@hdsb.ca.  A final report will be presented to Trustees at a February 15 meeting, with a final vote taking place March 1, 2017.

HDSB Releases Recommendation for Boundary Realignment

The Halton District School (HDSB) has released the recommendation to be presented to Trustees..  Scenario 12B will be presented for consideration at the meeting Tuesday February 15. Parents are invited email their feedback to trustees@hdsb.ca. or present it in person at the March 1, meeting.  The deadline to register as a speaker is February 22.  The final vote takes place March 1, 2017.