HDSB Trustees Approve Final Reccomendation on Martin St. School Boundaries

By: Laura Steiner

The Halton District School Board (HDSB) has approved a final recommendation for the boundaries of Martin St. Public School.  The board of Trustees voted in favour of the recommendation known throughout deliberations as “12b.”  The school is scheduled to reopen in September, 2017 following an expansion project.

The boundary changes are as follows:

  • Martin St. Public School: English programs for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.  Grade 7 will be added in September, 2018, and Grade 8 in September, 2019.  French Immersion (FI) programs will be offered to grades 2-6 in the 2017-18 school year.  Grade seven FI program will be added in 2018, and Grade 8 in 2019.
  • Anne J MacArthur Public School: Students in French Immersion will now attend  Martin St. Public School.
  • JM Denyes: Students who are currently in grade 5 will attend WI Dick Public School instead of Sam Sherratt Public School for grades 6-8.
  • Sam Sherratt: Students living in the area known as the Sam Sherratt Triangle (James Snow Parkway/ Cedar Hedge Rd) will now go to Martin St PS for both English, and French Immersion instead of: Sam Sherratt, EW Foster PS, and WI Dick PS
  • Brookville Public School: Families who live in the boundary for Brookville PS English boundary and have children go to Martin St PS for French Immersion will now go to Martin St to Grade 8.  This is instead of switching to W.I. Dick for grades 6-8.
  • Milton Heights New Development: Students from this area will attend Robert Baldwin PS for JK-5, and WI Dick for grades 6-8.

Children who are supposed to move schools because of the changes will automatically be registered at their new schools, and their records transferred. The next step is an integration process.  Board officials will be working with the affected schools to ensure the transition is a positive one.  For full details visit HDSB’s website.