Justin Trudeau Wins Heart of Pakistani Student

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has won the heart of a 16-year old Pakistani student.  Muhammad Harris Khan of Peshwar has fallen for the Prime Minister, and longs to meet him.

Trudeau’s affinity for Islam has impressed Harris.  The Tribune cites his gestures during July, 2013 when Trudeau wore Muslim clothes, and participated in prayer before a lecture.  “Trudeau’s deep love and association with Canadian Muslims impressed me, and I love him” he said.

Harris has pictures of Trudeau all over his room, social media and cell phone.  He uses Photo Shop to edit himself into pictures featuring Trudeau, and posts those to social media accounts.  “It is my dream to meet Trudeau and take pictures with him,” he said.  He would like to change his name to Harris Trudeau.

His obsession even inspires him enter politics.  “I hated politics but this man impressed me.  Now I want to join politics after graduation and follow Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who wins the heart of people everywhere in the world,” he said.