Milton’s Rad-est will have you drooling for more!

By Joyce Leung

If you live in Milton, Ontario, you’ve probably driven by The Rad Brothers Sportsbar and Taphouse thousands of times. I know I have. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill regular sports bar. Rad Brothers have extraordinary food that just crushes the typical pub fare.

Once upon a time two Miltonian siblings and locals, Patrick and Roger Radojcic, wanted to bring something special to Milton that was missing. Patrick and Roger daydreamed about a taphouse that could cater to almost every niche, from the sports fans, to families (kids eat free Monday to Wednesdays), to the local sports clubs that comes in from the local community centres, and everyone in between. The decor is modern and chic, no dive bar here!

Chilean Empanadas with Homemade Pevre
Chilean Empanadas with Homemade Pevre

As expected, they have an impressive draft selection including some great European premium brands like Delirium Tremens (Belgium), Erdinger Dunkel (Germany) and also some crafty local brands like Milton’s first Craft Brewery – Orange Snail (gotta support the locals!).

The beers and drinks are great, but an equally big star of the show here is the food. While they serve up the bar classics like wings, burgers, and the “Mac ala Rad” macaroni & cheese, Mama Rad creates her own signature soups and empanadas. And they are unbelievably-great. Its no secret that her soups are one of the top-sellers at Rad Brothers, and it’s obvious why they are! They’re homey, comforting, and but still stylish and new. Some of her famous soups include Lasagna Soup, Muligatawny, Spicy Buffalo Chicken n’ Beer, Ajiaco (Chilean Style Meat and Potato Soup), and Russian Vodka and Sweet Cabbage.

Mama Rad’s Empanadas were also grand slams. Dare I say… probably the best you can find in Milton. Mama Rad makes a meat and a cheese version and they’re served with a homemade Pevre (South American salsa with lots of cilantro, so flavourful and a little spicy- love it).

I was lucky enough to try some of their new menu items. The Jerk Sandwich was one of my favourite. It was full of flavours, with just the right amount of spice. The julienne chicken was tossed in a Caribbean jerk spice, mixed with roasted red peppers, creamy cracked chili slaw and smoked cheddar, all served in a perfect Ace Bakery bun. The julienne chicken made is so much easier to eat than the regular chicken breast in a bun. I love these little details that makes the dining experience so much more enjoyable! This one was a definite win for me.

The Rad Brothers even made fries taste better. You gotta try the Twisted Frites with truffle oil, fresh rosemary and parmesan. All I can say is- drool…


Mama Rad Homemade Soup Trio: Chicken Escarole with Applewood Bacon, Beef Tortellini Florentine, Chickpea Potato n’ Curry (holy crap these were good!)[/caption]Feel like a salad? The Rad Brothers make a mean salad as well. The Rad Balsamic is the way to go. Fresh field greens with tomato, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, avocado, goat cheese and spicy pecans. All served with a balsamic glaze and homemade honey balsamic dressing.

And if you can’t come to the Rad Brothers, they’ll come to you- they now cater, so no excuses to not try some of their delicious flare.


Aside from serving up some incredible food, I also love that the Rad Brothers are very involved in the Miltonian community. They frequently host many community events, such as their annual Halloween Party, Comedy Nights, Salsa Nights (last Friday of every month) with free lessons, and every live bands every weekend. They also host many charity events that help raise money for local families in need.

Mama Rad Homemade Soup Trio: Chicken Escarole with Applewood Bacon, Beef Tortellini Florentine, Chickpea Potato n’ Curry (holy crap these were good!)
Mama Rad Homemade Soup Trio: Chicken Escarole with Applewood Bacon, Beef Tortellini Florentine, Chickpea Potato n’ Curry (holy crap these were good!)

The Rad Brothers is so much more than just a regular bar. The Radojcic family invites you to their restaurant as they would invite you to their home – with great hospitality and amazing food. Make sure you stop by The Rad Brothers Sportsbar and Taphouse soon. Thank me later.

Thank you Patrick, Roger and Mama Rad for indulging me with great service and food. I can’t wait to come back for another incredible food experience!

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Joyce Leung is a food purchasing manager by day and food blogger by night. She loves food and everything that has to do with it.