Ontario Helping Students Learn to Code

Ontario is celebrating Computer Science Education Week with new supports for coding and computer skills in schools across the province. Initiatives include:

  • New tech resource for teachers: Ontario is helping elementary teachers integrate coding and computational skills into teaching, with new lesson plans that can be used in all grades and across subjects, particularly math, science and technology. Through a variety of platforms, software and app recommendations, educators can use this resource to help students to develop skills that will help them succeed today and in the future.
  • Supporting digital learning: Ontario is supporting school boards and educators in transforming their teaching and learning practices, buying digital tools and providing new opportunities for teachers to build capacity in the areas of coding and computational thinking. With these skills, teachers can encourage their students to use technological problem-solving skills to, for example, create a toy that uses the electrical energy from a battery or solar cell to move across the floor.
  • Hands-on learning for students: As recommended by the Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel, Ontario is expanding experiential learning opportunities for students, including robotics competitions, and working to increase participation in coding and computer programs for students in Grades 11 and 12. Ontario’s Specialist High Skills Major enables students to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills, including coding and computer systems, before graduating.
  • Hour of Code: Schools across Ontario will be participating in Hour of Code this week – a global movement reaching 180 countries where children and adults can participate in one-hour coding tutorials in more than 45 different languages.

“By equipping students with skills like coding and other global competencies we are preparing them to succeed now and in ever stage of their lives,” Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Education said.

The Ontario government is in the second of a three year $150 million investment.