Ontario Bringing New Learning Tools to Classrooms

Ontario is helping to make learning more engaging for elementary, high school and postsecondary students by bringing innovative technology from local companies to classrooms across the province.

“Improving access to technology in the classroom will allow students to build on these skills, preparing them to succeed now and in the future, Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Education said.  AdvancingEducation, is a partnership between the government and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), matches cutting-edge, Ontario-made technologies with elementary and high schools, as well as postsecondary institutions, to meet the unique needs of their students and classrooms.

The program will support projects that improve learning and wellness outcomes, introduce additional innovative teaching approaches and provide hands-on learning opportunities for students, and will help open up a new market for innovative technology companies in Ontario. Past projects include a game-based approach to motivating children, a multisensory chair for children with autism and a new approach to distance education.