Trudeau announces significant investment for Perimeter Institute

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Government of Canada will invest $50 million, over five years, in Waterloo’s Perimeter Institute so that it can continue its world-leading research in theoretical physics.

In its 2016 budget, the Trudeau government defines a new vision for Canada’s economy: to build Canada as a centre of global innovation. Canada will be propelled by its globally competitive companies like the Perimeter Institute that support entrepreneurs and seize global market opportunities to grow the economy.

Perimeter Institute Waterloo
Perimeter Institute Waterloo

This investment will be strengthened by investments from the Perimeter Institute’s other partners in order to help the centre continue its work in scientific research, training, and education outreach in foundational theoretical physics, a branch of physics that focuses on understanding the nature of our universe.  “The work they are doing will lead to the technological discoveries of tomorrow that will contribute in tangible ways to our understanding of the universe around us,” Trudeau said.

The Government of Canada understands the central role science plays in a thriving economy. In addition to today’s announcement, Budget 2016 boosted federal funding for science, and made significant investments in federal and university research labs to ensure Canada remains a world leader in global innovation.