Downtown Milton Zoning Announcements Coming to Council September 11

On September 11, Planning and Development staff will present a technical report to Council outlining proposed policy and zoning amendments for Downtown Milton.

Following Council’s endorsement of the Downtown Study in January 2017, a series of policy and zoning changes was one of the recommendations to support the revitalization of Milton’s downtown core and supportive area.

Amendments outlined in the technical report, which include both an update to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law, are the first steps in implementing the Study’s recommendations.

“Milton’s downtown is a vibrant hub for the community,” said Milton’s Mayor Gord Kantz. “The recommendations from the Downtown Study laid out a clear direction for how we will continue to ensure a healthy downtown where businesses thrive and people want to gather.”

The proposed amendments will keep all existing permitted land uses, while adding several new land uses to accommodate Milton’s vision for a vibrant downtown. The intent is to encourage a downtown environment that supports businesses, encourages mixed residential uses, and promotes consistent pedestrian traffic with lively, interactive street fronts.

“We know a dynamic and sustainable downtown must be multi-functional. These proposed amendments will create a more flexible and permissive policy framework that supports the vision outlined in Milton’s Downtown Study,” said Barbara Koopmans, Commissioner, Planning and Development. “Adding additional permitted uses helps to create a balanced approach to downtown land use, effectively serving and attracting people to the area consistently throughout the week, day and night.”

As the report outlines, the development of a comprehensive policy and operational framework was created and amended through extensive and innovative public consultation.

To read the complete technical report, click here

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