Ali Zafar & Josh perform at Milton concert

The two powerhouses, Rockstar Ali Zafar and JoSH comprising Qurrum Hussain and Roop Mangon, have rocked the stage of Pakistan’s Independence Day Concert in Toronto Canada.

Thousands of Pakistanis living in Canada attended the music concert and celebrated August 14 by enjoying Ali-Zafar-Qurram-perform-at-Toronto-concertpowerful music performances of Canadian-based South Asian band, JoSH, and Ali Zafar.

Besides their wonderful hits, Qurram Hussain, the lead singer of JoSH, and Ali Zafar also sang different famous national songs live including ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

It is the first time that Ali Zafar and Qurram Hussain have performed together on the stage for their fans. Talking about experience, Qurram Hussain said, “Ali Zafar is a true Rockstar.”

He also said that he has enjoyed performing with him. Many Pakistani families also requested Qurram performing his latest song ‘Desan Da Raja (Suni Kuri)’ at the concert which he did with Komal Rizvi.

Ali Zafar, the star of the night, also expressed gratitude to the JoSH band for their wonderful hospitality in their hometown.

This event was organized by Azim Rizvee and Dr Rabiya Azim of MinMaxx Realty.