Claims of Fradulent Membership Cloud Progressive Conservatives’ Milton Nomination

By: Laura Steiner

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (PCPO) will nominate its candidate for the newly minted Milton riding on Sunday June 18, 2017.  Two people are standing for the nomination: Former MP Parm Gill, and local Councillor Mike Cluett.

Allegations of fraud have begun to surface over the last week from an odd source.  Fasial Elahi has spoken up about a letter he, and others have received.  Elahi has been a member of the federal Liberal Party for the last 18 years.  He currently serves as the Vice President of fundraising for the Milton riding.

The letters are printed on Ontario PC letterhead with the logo at the top.  They inform the recipient of the upcoming nomination meeting.  “I saw some of those letters, got one in the mail,” Elahi said.  He posted his to his personal Facebook account about a week ago.  He says four neighours on his street have gotten the same letter.  Approximately 400 people have received it.

Elahi grew concerned enough to contact party headquarters where he left messages.  “To me it’s a fraud, and a breach,” he said in a phone interview.  Nobody from the party has approached him about this.

PC Party President Rick Dykstra was reached for comment on this story.  Dykstra assures members privacy is a top priority.  “Party rules do not allow for a membership to be submitted without the expressed authority of the individual,” he said in an email.  As to the alleged false memberships.  Anyone who indicates they have not authorized their membership, is being dealt with immediately,” Dykstra said.

These allegations are a sensitive topic for Elahi.  The Milton federal Liberal riding association is coming off a contentious nomination contest and election.  He only wants answers.  “This is not how democracy works.” he said.

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