Convoy Finds Support in Milton

By Laura Steiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

On January 27, 2022 a convoy of trucks on their way to Ottawa as a protest the COVID-19 vaccine mandates, made their way through Milton.  Residents speaking out on an online message board were divided. At issue was a decision by the federal government to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for truckers entering Canada from the United States.  The Canadian Trucking Association did not support the protest.

The convoy arrived in Ottawa January 29, and spread throughout the downtown area where it remains.    “It is not the truckers.  They are very hard hard working people.  It is a bunch of unorthodox people,” Karen said. The convoy was organized by Canada Unity (CU), who wrote a memorandum of understanding calling for the replacement of the federal government by a committee with CU representatives, the Senate, and the Governor-General. They would rule for 90 days, and drop all mandates and restrictions.

“I think they are doing a great job! They are fighting for freedom.  We have been locked up with restrictions for almost 2 years,” Albin said.  Many of the mandates, and the restrictions have been levied by provincial governments across the country.

“I still support the truckers for getting together and standing up for what they believe in. I’m of two minds regarding Ottawa. I can understand the frustration of the truckers but I’m afraid that as a result of their “occupation” they are quickly losing the sympathy and support of the general public,” Judi Greenfield Bonnar said.  The convoy has remained on the streets of Ottawa, honking their horns at all hours of the night.  An Ontario Superior Court judge has granted an interim injunction against the protesters forcing an end to the noise for at least 10 days.  Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency this past weekend.  Ottawa Police service is asking for up to 1800 officers to help with enforcing the  court  order.  Ottawa resident Zexi Li has launched a class-action lawsuit against the protest leaders.

“I 100% support the truckers who continue to do their job and deliver the necessities and other goods to everyone.  As for the Few who are in Ottawa and other places creating hardship for the residents, I do not support them.  If they were  were truly fighting for Freedom then they would do everything in their power to not disrupt the lives of citizens,” Chuck P said.  90% of truckers are vaccinated against COVID-19.  The United States has a similar requirement for truckers.