Event Listing: Hazara Union of Canada

Praying at a Hazara graveyard Credit: Mohsin Abbas/ hazaragraveyard.com


Who: Hazara Union of Canada

What: Conference on Hazara Genocide and Afshar Massacre

When: Sunday March 6, 2016 2pm-6pm

Where: 1170 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 15 Toronto Ontario

Why: To discuss the history, culture, genocide, current situation and future of the Hazara Nation

Background: Afshar refers to a district in southwestern Kabul, Afganistan where the majority of residents are Hazara.  On February 11, 1993 government forces led by former Afghan President Rabbani and top military commanders attacked the region in what’s known as the Afshar massacre.  It’s estimated approximately 700 people have been killed or have disappeared.