Five Tips to Improve Literacy

Spending just 15 minutes a day doing literacy activities will improve your children’s skills dramatically, as well as your own. Here are some fun and easy
daily activities from ABC Life Literacy Canada:

1. Number Walk: As you put on your shoes, choose something you want tocount during your walk. It could be dogs, trees, stop signs, cars—anything you want! On your walk, count how many you can find.

2. Word Wall: Learn one new word every day. Display them by creating afamily word wall with Bristol board and markers. Can you make a sentence with the words on your wall?

3. A Course of Course: Build an obstacle course through your family room, and draw a map of how to go through it from beginning to end.

Kids participate in Literacy Day 2015
Kids participate in Literacy Day 2015

4. Have a Book-nic: Organize an indoor picnic with books and tasty treats. Choose a theme – try honey-flavoured cereal and read Winnie the Pooh.

5. Game On: Start family board game night and play a different game eachweek. Family members can take turns reading instructions and game cards as well as keeping score.

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You can celebrate learning together on Family Literacy Day this January 27, but
you can practice family literacy every day!