In their own words: Refugees in Canada

“My sons were supposed to be enrolled in the army back home in Syria. But, my husband and I didn’t want them to get involved in the war. This is why we came to Canada [in February 2016].

We landed in Toronto [my husband and two sons] but I have three other sons who did not come with me—two are still in Lebanon and one in Turkey. I am excited to work because I want to sponsor and bring them all to Canada. I am suffering because they are so far away from me. But I am trying to be happy.

When I arrived in Canada I was able to find an apartment and furniture with the help of COSTI Immigrant Services. I love Canada for three reasons—safety, freedom, and the future my children have here. I want to be a chef one day. In Syria, this is not something I can do. Things are different now after the war.

I help others as a participant in the Newcomer Kitchen project. I can do anything and be anything I want in Canada. I can build a future here.”

—Amina, a refugee from Syria, now participates in the Newcomer Kitchen project in Toronto, Ontario. #WelcomeRefugees