Indo Canadian Workers Association Celebrates International Women's Day

By: David Jhamat
International Women’s Day (I.W.D.) is also known as the International Working Women’s Day or United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. It is celebrated every year on 8th of March all across the world by different organizations focusing the achievements and contributions of the women in the society.
Indo Canadian Workers Association Celebrated 106th  International Women’s Day on March 6, 2016 in Brampton, Ontario with great fervour.
Special thanks were given to Surjit Kaur and  Arooj  Aarooj and Sumeet Sahota who became the poetic voice of Brampton to raise the question against the atrocious atmosphere of our society. “Socialism is the only choice left for complete liberation of women folk.”said, Ms  Sarabjit  Kaur in her candid in speech.
Comrade Harparminder Gadri enthralled the audience by reciting famous punjabi poem ‘The Beggar’. Professor Rajan Prasad Pokharel from Nepal represented his nation with a good speech after unexpected call from the host. The current exploitative situation of immigrant women working in warehouses and factories was very well explained by Fozia Tanveer  from Pakistan. Comrade Omar Latif also explained situation of women in Pakistan.
Balwinder  Barnala expressed his views on social, political and household inequality of women, citing various examples from Indian society. People’s
Voice Forum passed a resolution in favor of JNUSU struggle against  Modi Govt. and sang  Aazadi anthem of  Kanhaiyya Kumar and extended
solidarity to all forces who are fighting against Human Right’s violations in India.
Denise Martins did a great job as a main speaker, giving details of last 100 years struggle of women and it’s direct connection with  Bolshevic revolution of Russia. Comrade Wilfred thanked all attendees who sacrificed a sunny weekend for the sake of International Women’s Day.
Ms Kiran Bains was very professional in the proceeding of this event as the Chairperson. Her comments were really remarkable on each speaker.
Someone said,“ Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity. It is indeed true. International Women’s Day was first celebrated  on 19th of March in 1911 by the millions of people in Austria, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. This event is celebrated annually using a
particular theme. The theme of the International Women’s Day celebration of 2016 was “Make it Happen.”