Justin Trudeau makes to Pakistani truck art

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has possibly become the first ever western politician to get painted on the back of a truck and thus an addition to the Pakistani Truck art.

Truck art is not entertainment and sign of pride for the Pakistani truck drivers but also a significant segment of Pakistani cultures. Usually, floral patterns of different colors, birds like pigeons, peacocks, hawks, and personalities like the military general, singers, and political figures are painted in the trucks. Apart from this romantics poetry, funny phrases and life quotes are very commonly seen on these vehicles. One can say that anything which is popular among Pakistani people makes its way to the truck.

So, Justin Trudeau is more likely to be the first ever western personality who has become famous enough to get featured on the back of a truck.

There is no doubt that Pakistanis have a special place in their heart towards the Canadian Prime Minister Justice Trudeau who is a lively person with a friendly attitude towards cultural diversity.

He has always been doing something that makes Pakistanis feel him as their very own. Justin Trudeau’s love for Biryani and his expertise in Bhangra ( a form of Punjabi dance) is what brings him closer to the desi people. The way he worse sherwani, a traditional Pakistani dress, showed his greetings for the Muslim community on the eve of Eid and Nauroz has just made the Canadian Prime Minister hot favorite of the Pakistanis.