Luigi Pastò part of Human Rights Photography Exhibition

They tell stories of passion and protest, family and friendship, suffering and struggle, hunger and hope.

After receiving 984 submissions from across Canada, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) today announced that 70 photographs have been selected by a jury for a new Canada 150 exhibition called Points of View, which will open a week before Canada Day.

Selected photos are now posted online. This national human rights photography exhibition opens June 23 in the Museum’s Level 1 Gallery and runs until February 4. The jury also recognized best submissions in four themed categories, best image by a youth, and best overall photograph – all to be announced on June 22. .

The photographers include Luigi Pastò from Quebec.  Pasto has developed an ongoing documentary series Conditions of Worth.  Photos featured in this exhibit focus on the plight of Noé Arteaga, a former greenhouse worker with Savoura.  Aretaga was unjustly fired by Savoura, and Mario, who worked for Service Avicole JGL.  Arteaga was found by the Quebec Labour Relations Commission to have been unjustly fired.  He was left without compensation when the Canadian company declared bankruptcy.

Mario had his contract terminated for speaking out about the mistreatment of workers in the industry.  He was sent back to Guatemala, and his name placed on a black list.  He may never be able to work in Canada again.

Visitors to the exhibition and online gallery after June 22 will have an opportunity to cast their own votes for a “People’s Choice” cash award, to be announced in January 2018.

For more on Noé Arteaga see below: