Ontario Adds 9,100 Jobs in December

Employment in Ontario increased by 9,100 in December, 2016.  The gains were bolstered by more jobs in construction and professional, scientific and technical services.

On an annual average basis, the total increase in Ontario’s employment in 2016 was 76,400. The majority of these new jobs are full-time positions, in the private sector and in industries that pay above-average wages.

“Today more people are working, and contributing to their communities,” Finance Minister Charles Sousa said. Ontario’s unemployment rate was 6.4 per cent in December, and has been lower than the national average for 20 months in a row.

Ontario’s economy is growing and is expected to remain one of the fastest-growing in Canada over the next two years. According to the recently released Provincial Economic Accounts, Ontario’s real GDP increased 2.5 per cent in 2015, outpacing the national average for the second consecutive year.

By managing government finances in a responsible and fiscally sound way, including taking a cautious approach to estimating pension expense, Ontario forecasts a balanced budget this year and it will remain balanced in 2018-19.  Canada recorded a gain of 53,700 jobs in December, 2016.