Poll: Torontonians in favour of road tolls

A strong majority of Torontonians say they approve of implementing tolls on the DVP and the Gardiner Expressway to pay for transit and infrastructure, according to a new poll released Monday.
The Mainstreet Research poll, which was conducted on behalf of the Transit Alliance, surveyed 2,280 Toronto voters and asked respondents about three possible revenue streams to help pay for transit and infrastructure projects, including road tolls, a property tax hike and a Toronto sales tax.
When inquiring about tolls, the pollster wrote, “Proponents of road tolls for the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway say road tolls would force non-City of Toronto resident to pay their fair share, critics say road tolls are a unnecessary tax hike. Do you approve or disapprove of introducing tolls on the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway to pay for transit & infrastructure?”
In response to the question, 70 per cent of Toronto voters said they support road tolls while just 25 per cent said they disapprove of the idea.
Support for tolls was strongest downtown, with 77 per cent support. In Etobicoke, 61 per cent said they would support road tolls to fund infrastructure and transit and in Scarborough, 68 per cent supported the idea.
The other two possible revenue tools presented to respondents were not as popular.

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