Trudeau Reacts to Brussels' Terror Attacks

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has released a statement following two terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium.  It began: “I am outraged and deeply saddened that so many people have been killed and injured in terrorist attacks targeting the people of Brussels’ Belgium.”

There were three attacks in Brussels.  Two bombs went off at the city’s  Zaventem airport.  Both were in the departures’ area.  They killed 11, and injured 81 people.

What remains of Brussels' International Airport's departures' lounge
The remains of Brussels International Airport’s departures lounge

The third was an explosion on the city’s subway system at Maelbeek station.  It killed 15 people, and injured 55.  Ten are being classified as seriously injured.  “Canada stands by Belgium in this difficult time, and has offered all possible assistance,” Trudeau said.  Reports within the last hour put the death toll at 34 people.

Canadians requiring emergency consular assistance are asked to contact the embassy in Brussels at: 32 (2) 741-0611, or Global Affairs’ Emergency Watch and Response Centre collect at toll free at:  1-800-387-3124.  Email assistance is available by sending messages to: Canadian citizens are being asked to listen to Belgian authorities.

Emergency Preparedness Minister Ralph Goodale has said  Canada will not raise its terror alert level at this time.  Early reports state ISIS supporters have taken responsibility for the attacks.  The bombings come days after the arrest of Salah Abdesalam following terror raids.  Abdesalam is a suspect in the November, 2015 terror attacks in Paris, France.

Update 7pm EDT: Belgian Prosecutors have video of three suspects at the airport before the attack.  The trio are seen pushing luggage carts.  Two are dressed in black and are thought to have died in the blasts at the airport.  The third is dressed in light colours with a black hat concealing his face and is thought to have escaped the blasts. A nation-wide manhunt is currently underway.  Brussels International Airport will remain ‘inaccessible’ tomorrow.