US Revokes Nexus Cards from Canadian Permanent Residents

The United States of America (USA) has revoked the Nexus Cards from Canadian permanent residents with citizenship in seven countries listed on the USA’s travel ban.

The CBC has  learned via an email statement that members of the FAST program have also had their memberships cancelled.  FAST is a program meant to speed commercial shipments through the borders.  “The email goes onto say that memberships of dual citizens have not been cancelled.”

CBC Toronto has learned of several people either Canadian born or with dual citizenship who have received cancellation notices.  Lawyer Cyndee Todgham Cherniak says Canadians have reason to be concerned.  “Being skeptical, I wonder whether or not it’s a coincidence, or whether or not there is a decision on the part of U.S. border protection to go through the Nexus files and arbitrarily cancel membership of Canadians who are from one of the countries, have travel history in those countries who are Muslim, or have names that are Muslim,” she told the CBC.

The travel ban applies people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Ferguson Halts Immigration Action

Washington State Attorney-General Bob Ferguson has been granted a Temporary Restraining order on President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.  A federal judge granted the challenge, and applied it on a national basis.  The decision was effective February 3, 2017.

“The constitution prevailed today,” Ferguson said.  He argued that Trump’s executive order  violates the US Constitution  and contravenes the federal Immigration and Nationality Act.

In response airlines including Etihad Airways, WestJet, and Luftansa are allowing citizens from the seven countries to board US bound flights.   It’s expected the Trump administration will appeal the court decision.