Wynne’s Approval hits a new low

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has fallen be four points since December.  The latest survey done by Angus Reid shows that only 12% of Ontarians polled approved of Wynne’s performance.

The question, according to the CBC was: “Do you approve or disapprove of the performance?” 81% of respondents responded disapproved. 7% said they were unsure.

“We tend to see premiers offering up their resignations or quitting politics when their approval levels get to this point,” Angus Reid Institute Executive Director Shachi Kurl told the CBC.  Wynne appears to have the public support of her caucus.

The poll was done just after Wynne’s announcement of her plan to cut hydro rates.  “It could be that Ontarians simply haven’t had the chance to really absorb the news, and form an opinion,” Kurl said.  The plan would see prices cut by 25%.

Retired Liberal cabinet minister Greg Sorbara paints a different picture.  He told TVO’s The Agenda he did not foresee another Liberal victory, featuring Wynne as leader.  “There is a whole lot of people in the Ontario Liberal party who think it’s all over,” he said.  Wynne was defended by campaign co-chairs calling her the party’s best asset.

Wynne has said she will lead the party into the 2018 election.