La Meute Claims Victory After Being Forced into a Parking Lot

By: Laura Steiner

Far-Right Quebec based group La Meute (Wolf Pack) claimed victory after an aborted protest Sunday afternoon.  The group of about 200 people was forced to retreat to an underground Quebec City parking lot by anti-fascist protesters.

The re-emerged under police escort, and completed their march to Quebec’s National Assembly.  “We made our point.  I really believe this day will be the day La Meute gets out peacefully, just to show the people what we really are,” Patrick Beaudry said according to the CBC.  Beaudry is considered to be one of the more visible members of the group.

Until now, the Wolf Pack has existed mostly as an online private Facebook group.   The group believes radical Islam threatens Quebec culture.  Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre’s decision to turn his city into a sanctuary for refugees was a turning point for Claudia Rochette was one of those stuck in the parking garage.   “I’m a nationalist, but I’m not a racist you see.  I just think we have to preserve our culture,” she told the CBC.

There was a second anti-racism demonstration consisting of concerned citizens, and a small group of anti-fascists (antifa).  According to the CBC, they were seen setting off fireworks and smoke bombs.

Vancouver Protests Draw Praise from Trudeau

Protests Saturday in Vancouver drew praise from authorities.  An estimated 4,000 people gathered at Vancouver City Hall to demonstrate support for diversity ahead of a rally against Islam and the Trudeau government’s policies on multiculturalism.

According to CTV News, Vancouver Police Department made only five arrests for breaching the peace.  They escorted two out of the rally, and one was reported to have been carrying a knife.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted his greetings.  “Way to go Vancouver.  Diversity will always be our strength.”

“I think we just showed that intolerance can be eclipsed by inclusion,” one counter-protester identified by CTV News as Bradley said.

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