Protect Your Children from Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

As a new school year approaches, Ontario is reminding parents to ensure their children’s vaccines are up to date.

Vaccine schedules are carefully planned to protect children when they are most at risk, and when their bodies are ready to receive certain vaccines. Following Ontario’s Routine Immunization Schedule protects children from serious diseases that can spread easily in schools and daycare centres.

Children who have not been vaccinated are at risk of catching diseases that can be prevented by vaccines, and they can also put their schoolmates at risk especially those who cannot receive certain vaccines for medical reasons. “Vaccination protects us from preventable diseases as a physician, I’ve seen many children become seriously ill from such diseases,”

Children in Ontario are required to be vaccinated against certain diseases in order for them to attend school, unless they have a valid exemption.


    • You don’t need a doctor to sign-off on it either. Just fill it out and have it notarized, and it is good through their entire grade and high school years.

      Great Post!

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