Logistics Hub Review Panel Invites Public Comment

The Review Panel for the proposed Milton Logistics Hub Project is seeking public comments on the responses to the Panel’s information requests. The responses were prepared by the proponent, the Canadian National Railway Company (CN).

The Review Panel invites the public, Indigenous groups, governments and other participants to submit comments in writing on whether the information submitted by the proponent is sufficient to proceed to the public hearing, or whether the proponent should provide additional information.

The Review Panel has organized its information requests to CN in thematic packages, and therefore expects to receive several sets of responses from the proponent over the coming months. Participants are encouraged to review additional information as it becomes available and provide their comments to the Review Panel as soon as possible. Upon receipt of CN‘s final response to the first round of information requests, the Review Panel will provide at least 30 days for participants to submit any final comments.

Participants are reminded to follow the Review Panel’s submission procedure. All submissions received will be posted online. The Review Panel will consider all submissions in making its determination on whether further information is required from the proponent. Written submissions in either official language should be sent to:

Joseph Ronzio,
Panel Manager, Milton Logistics Hub Project
c/o Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
160 Elgin Street, 22nd Floor, Ottawa ON K1A 0H3

The logistics hub is facility where containers will be transferred from train to truck.  It’s proposed for a 400 acre piece of land in southwest Milton.  It will include a railway yard, and over 20 km of track.

Update: Site Tour Summary released

The Review panel visited the site of the proposed Intermodal in May.  They’ve released a report on their site tour.  More information is available here.