New road signs help protect municipal drinking water

Two new road signs that will help protect Milton’s drinking water have been installed on Highway 401 near Kelso Conservation Area. The signs are located off Highway 401 eastbound past Appleby Line and westbound at Nassagewaya Sixth Line. There are 780 drinking water protection zone signs being installed across Ontario by the province and local municipalities to mark locations along major roadways where municipal drinking water sources are vulnerable.

“Our local source water protection plan shows us where our municipal drinking water is the most vulnerable to contamination,” says Barbara Koopmans, Commissioner of Planning & Development.  “These signs are part of an initiative to raise awareness about these zones within the community and ensure we are taking a preventative approach to protecting local water sources.”  

The signs will also help to alert emergency responders and the public to sections of the road where accidental spills could travel quickly, contaminating public drinking water sources. The goal is to accelerate the notification process to the Halton Region and close the water supply before spilled contaminants can enter.

The Town of Milton and Halton Region have been working with Conservation Halton to implement policies in the Source Protection Plan since it came into effect in December 2015. The Plan, developed under Ontario’s Clean Water Act, 2006, directs local efforts to protect and keep the sources of municipal water clean and plentiful.

The initiative to protect sources of municipal drinking water is directed and funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change under the Clean Water Act, 2006.  Conservation Halton coordinates the planning process and supports local municipalities as policies are implemented. For more information, visit and