Children around the world value the gift of education

While toys and games are wonderful holiday presents, a recent survey found the gift that children truly value is a good education. In fact, nearly 100 per cent of survey respondents say education is important to them.

The Small Voices, Big Dreams survey of more than 6,000 children in 41 countries was conducted by ChildFund Alliance, a global network of international development organizations including Christian Children’s Fund of Canada.

Although adults may think most kids don’t like or enjoy school, the opinions expressed by children paint a different picture. Not only do children appreciate the importance of education, they’re invested in learning and have suggestions for making schools more accessible, safe and conducive to success.


According to Small Voices, Big Dreams 2016, even at a young age children understand that brighter futures begin at school. Over 50 per cent of those polled in developing countries love to learn new things. Almost half of all children surveyed and two-thirds of respondents in developed countries say education will help them get a good job when they grow up. And one out of five children in all participating countries believe going to school will allow them to make a difference in their country. In Ethiopia and Bangladesh, 40 per cent of children shared that opinion.

Children also have strong opinions about what adults can do to help them thrive at school. In both developed and developing countries, children identified investments in better school buildings, teachers and curriculums as being integral to their long-term success. In Canada, 59 per cent of kids polled suggest improving both the curriculum and the activities in their local school. Forty-seven per cent of all children surveyed would build or renovate schools to create quality learning environments.

“Having visited CCFC-supported schools in Paraguay, I witnessed the value of proper educational facilities and the positive impact this has on an entire community. That’s why I am a proud supporter of CCFC,” explains James Duthie, host of Hockey on TSN and CCFC volunteer ambassador. “Well-built schools enrich learning experiences for children.”

It’s as clear as freshly fallen snow — children want to learn. They know education is key to their future. Now it’s our turn to ensure schools foster a positive learning environment to help them reach for the stars. Learn more by visiting