Del Duca Promises Two-Way GO Service for Milton Line

By: Laura Steiner, Local Journalism Initiative

Milton could be close to two-way all-day GO Service if the Ontario Liberals are elected in June, 2022. Leader Steven Del Duca is promising his party will make two-way full day Go service a reality.

The proposed project will see service expanded to allowing trains every 15 minutes along the Milton line during rush hour, and every half hour during off-peak hours.  “The people of Milton and Mississauga deserve a real plan for more frequent, less congested public transit,” Del Duca said.  Halton is projected to see 10 million residents by 2041 according to Metrolinx

It follows a similar commitment from federal Transport Minister Omar Alghababra in early August.  The cost is approximately $1 billion.   The federal Liberals ran on the idea they would use a portion of the National Trade Corridors  fund to cover 50% of the cost to bring in all-day GO service.  Del Duca is committed to following through on his promise, even if the Ford government announces funding. “This one to me checks all the boxes, and it’s something that we need to do urgently,” he said.  Transit along the Milton line has been a problem the last decade.

The Milton line is currently projected to have the two-way all day Go service by 2051.  Del Duca sees the urgency of getting this done sooner.  “We’ve seen explosive growth in Milton, around Milton, and here in Mississauga.  We need to make sure we are building this,” he said.  The provincial election will be held June 2, 2022.