Government of Canada supporting Canadian communities welcoming Syrian refugees

Ministers McCallum, Philpott, and Sajjan visit refugee camp in Jordan
Ministers McCallum, Philpott, and Sajjan visit refugee camp in Jordan

The Government committed to resettling 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada by the end of February 2016, and Canadians across the country are banding together to help in their welcome.

Community groups are organizing themselves—in many cases working with local businesses, governments and not-for-profit organizations—to ensure that these newcomers have the best start they can in their new country.

To complement the hard work at the local and national level, the Government of Canada is also emphasizing supporting those helping refugees as part of the 2016 Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program.

This year, employers who are involved in the welcoming and resettlement of Syrian refugees to Canada are encouraged to apply.

CSJ provides good-quality employment opportunities to returning students through wage subsidies to employers. This practical experience helps students gain skills to break into the job market.

It also provides employers with engaged and enthusiastic help during the summer season.

Not-for-profit organizations can receive up to 100 percent of the local minimum wage covered, while businesses and municipalities can have up to 50 percent subsidized.

In the past, funding from CSJ has gone to projects that vary in diversity from camp counselling for children with medical, physical and cognitive conditions to library-sponsored reading programs.

While all employers are encouraged to apply, other priorities for 2016 also include the arts and creative sector, small business and those supporting or employing Indigenous people. More information and application information can be found online at until February 26.