Residents Have Their Say On Condo Towers

By: Laura Steiner

Developers presented plans for a series of three condo towers behind the Superstore complex.  The land addressed as 130 Thompson Rd is located at the southwest corner of Thompson, and Drew Centre is owned by Hodero Holdings.   Milton Council held a public meeting at the Committee of Whole June 26, where a report was presented for council’s information.

Multiple residents spoke, and raised concerns over privacy, and traffic.  Peter Scarsella of Childs’ drive urged caution.  “I think we need to look carefully at this.  Very, very carefully.”  Childs drive is located two blocks south of the proposed location. Developers insist there are a couple of football fields of space between them. The buildings at 27, 29, and 31 storeys will be six-8 times higher the current zoning allowing 6-8 storey buildings. Residents are concerned tenants living in the higher storeys will be able to see into their backyards.

Concern over traffic was raised.  Thompson Rd is a four-lane road.  “There is no room on Thompson to make it bigger,” Domenic Manchisi said.  The location of the proposed development is right behind the Superstore, and beside the Go station where there are already problems with parking.  Traffic studies were done as part of the development process.  One resident called them “playing with numbers in order to force something through.”  The tallest building would be higher the escarpment.The Region of Halton has mandated that 5300 units to be built within Milton by 2031.  The proposed development would have approximately 800 units.  Some commercial space would be included at street level.

Although only six residents spoke, there was more opposition.  Ward 5 Councillor Arnold Huffman said he had gotten 14 emails, only two of which were in favour.  Many emails had similar concerns to those at the meeting.  “I understand places to grow means to grow up, not out,” he said referring to provincial growth legislation.  The legislation has forecast Milton’s population to grow to 230,000 by 2031, and 400,000 by 2041.  The motion to receive the report was unanimously passed.

This section of Milton is part of an Urban Growth Centre (UGC) that takes in a portion of Main St as far west as Martin St.  Over 20 thousand residents are planned for the area by 2031. The proposed development returns to Council at their next meeting July 24, 2017.