Sajjan Regrets Claim of Being “Operation Medusa” Architect

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has expressed his regret for remarks made about his role in Operation Medusa.  He made comments to a conference called “Conflict Prevention and Peacekeeping in a Changing World,” in New Delhi.

Sajjan served as Lieutenant-Colonel in the  Canadian forces.  Operation Medusa took place from August 26-September 17, 2006, during Sajjan’s first deployment.  I was kind of thrown into an unforeseen situation and I became the architect of an operation called Operation Medusa,” he said according to the CBC.  The operation was commanded by Brig-General David Fraser.

Sajjan’s role was in intelligence gathering.  He is recognized as having served with distinction.  Fraser himself, sent a letter to the Vancouver Police commending him on his work.  He called him “the best single Canadian intelligence asset in theatre.”  Fraser believed Sajjan’s work saved lives.

Sajjan issued an apology through his Facebook Page.  “I made a mistake ‎in describing my role. I wish to retract that description and apologize for it. I am truly sorry.”

O’Toole Calls for Sajjan’s Resignation

Sajjan’s apology has made news in the Conservative Party’s leadership race.  Candidate Erin O’Toole is calling for Sajjan’s resignation.  He plans to meet with Interim Leader Rona Ambrose to talk about whether the Conservatives should ask for Sajjan’s resignation.

New Democratic Party (NDP) plans to raise the matter in Parliament.  “This change of story raises more questions than it answers,” he said in a statement to Global News. “We will be looking for ways of raising these questions in Parliament,” Defense Critic Randall Garrison said.