Milton Transit Provides Transit Royale for Riders

Subscription to be rolled out as part of an update

Milton Transit is offering all its riders a free subscription to Transit Royale, for those who use the Transit app

Riders in Milton using the Transit app will see a screen informing them that Milton Transit is upgrading them to Transit Royale as part of an update. Users can then simply tap to redeem their free subscription.

The free Royale subscription unlocks additional features, special Milton Transit branding, new customization options, and complete access to the app across the more than 300 cities supported worldwide.

Milton Transit began its partnership with Transit in 2020. Since then, Transit has integrated both mobile ticketing and Milton Transit OnDemand into the app, providing riders with a true all-in-one experience. Through Royale, Milton Transit is deepening its partnership with Transit to provide a cutting-edge mobility app free of privacy-invading advertising.

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