Mischief Charge dismissed against Anita Krajnc

Natural Rights’ Activist Anita Krajnc has had her charge of mischief dismissed.  Justice David Harris handed down his decision Thursday in a Milton Ontario courtroom.

Krajnc is a 49-year old activist working with Toronto Pig Save.  Her group is described by the CBC as “bearing witness” to animals en route to slaughter.”  She was charged in connection with her efforts to pour water into the openings of a trailer outside Fearman’s Pork Inc, in June, 2015.

The charge of mischief carries potential jail time  and a $5,000 fine.  The crown accused her of tampering with private property  In his judgement Harris left little doubt he believed it was mischief.  A CBC reporter live-blogged the decision. “Krajnc ‘without legal justification’ committed mischief,” Harris said.

The question was about whether she interfered with the pigs themselves.  There was some risk the pigs wouldn’t be accepted by the slaughterhouse because of the ‘unknown liquid’ (water).  Harris doubted Krajnc interfered with the lawful enjoyment of the pigs.

Her defence was that pigs are people too; they can feel joy, they form social groups, and are sentient.  Her lawyers used comparisons to Nelson Mandela, and Ghandi.  The case has drawn international interest from other “Pig Save” groups, and celebrities including Maggie Q and Moby.

Farming organizations say it misses the point.  The case “is essentially a misdemeanor case about product tampering,” Bruce Kelly of Farm and Food Care told the CBC.