RCMP Make "Preventative" Terror Arrest

On Saturday March 26,  as part of an extensive national security criminal investigation named Project SWAP, the RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) in Toronto has arrested one individual under the Criminal Code of Canada.

With the consent of the Attorney General of Canada, Kevin Omar Mohamed, 23 years old was arrested pursuant to Section 810.011, Fear of Terrorism Offence, of the Criminal Code of Canada. He was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon under Section 90(2)(a) and for possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace, under Section 88(2)(a). He is currently in custody.

Arrested: Kevin Omar Mohammed
Arrested: Kevin Omar Mohammed

“This arrest speaks to our ability to tackle a threat that is multifaceted and constantly evolving. While there was no indication of any plans for a domestic attack, we must remain committed to preventing individuals from travelling abroad to gain training and expertise that could be used in the planning and implementation of future attacks on Canadian soil,” said Superintendent Lise Crouch, Assistant Criminal Operations Officer in Ontario.

The RCMP wishes to acknowledge the valuable contribution of its INSET partners, including the Durham Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police, who played a significant role in this case. The RCMP would like to specify that this arrest is in no way linked to the terrorist attacks that occurred in Brussels.

As Canada’s national police force, the RCMP works with our partners to ensure the comprehensive and timely response to terrorist criminal activity and national security criminal investigations both at home and abroad. The RCMP encourages citizens to remain vigilant and to report any information on terrorism or related suspicious activities to the National Security Information Network at 1-800-420-5805 or by contacting the police in their community.

Mohammed appeared in a Brampton courthouse yesterday, and remains in custody.  HIs next court appearance is Tuesday.