Milton DBIA Unveils New Mural

Members of the Milton Arts Community cut the ribbon on a new mural at the Spice of Life parkette Image Credit: Laura Steiner/ Milton Reporter

By Laura Steiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Downtown Milton has a new artistic addition.  The Milton Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) unveiled a mural on the side of the building at the intersection of Main and Charles St. commissioned by the Milton DBIA.

“This new mural is an opportunity to enhance the vibrancy of our downtown and support local businesses while promoting local arts and culture,” Milton DBIA Executive Director Rachel Shuttleworth said.  This is the second mural at that location.  The previous work which had been there since the 1990’s, had suffered weather, and UV related damage.

Each letter in Milton is meant to display a different theme
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The mural is on a soft yellow background, with a town map.  The words “Downtown Milton” can be seen by drivers passing the intersection of Main and Charles St.  The word Milton showcases six different themes.

  • M-Multiculturalism
  • I-Interest
  • L-Lifestyle
  • T-Timelessness (First Nations)
  • O-Old Milton
  • N-Nature

The principal artist is Omar (Oms) Hopkinson, based in Milton.  The work marks a return of sorts to Milton.  He lived in town with a young family for five years before moving closer to his wife’s family in Gatineau Quebec.   “I’ve always done a lot of work in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Gatineau.  Everywhere, but where I live.  And I made it a point to become involved in the community.  I said if I’m going to be involved in the community, I’m going to contribute my heart to the community.  Essentially know that I could contribute, I realized this could be a big contribution,” he said.

Hopkinson felt it was important to recognize the previous mural.  “We are not trying to erase history, but only depict what the currency is now,” he said.  In the bottom left-hand corner bears the signature of the previous artists with a quote. “The love from the past, is the road to embrace the now.”


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